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Uruapan International Airport

The Uruapan International Airport "Gral. y Lic. Ignacio Lopez Rayon ", is located within the city and it was built strategically in the center of the state of Michoacan. Connects to the Meseta purepecha region with Tierra Caliente on the Pacific coast.

It has a restaurant, shops, money exchange, café, snack bar, parking lot capacity of over 100 vehicles and ground transportation service.


The Uruapan International Airport covers an area of ​​approximately 264 hectares and it has a 15.652 square meters commercial platform for , three positions and a 2.4 km length runway capable of receiving B-737 and A320 aircrafts.

Location Map

Uruapan International Airport

Av. Latinoamericana s/n Fracc. San José, Obrero; C.P. 60160

Uruapan, Michoacán

Official operation hours: 7:00 to 19:00.

Tel.: (452)-523-7398‎


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