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Matamoros International Airport

International Airport 'General Servando Canales' in Matamoros, Tamaulipas is located nine kilometers from the City and it was incorporated into ASA Network in 1965.



It covers almost 469 hectares with a 15,360 square meters  commercial platform and a 13,500 square meters general aviation platform offering 3 and 16 positions, respectively.

It has a 2.3 km longitude runway which was completely renovated in 2000, other important works at the airport include: Runway , taxiway and platform , horizontal signaling, as well as the full replacement of asphalt carpet in order to correct the runway profile.

The terminal building has an overall area of ​​2.257 square meters with a capacity to handle up to 200 passengers per hour, which in 2006 received a total of 52.281 passengers and 3.055 operations.

It offers visitors a parking lot for 210 vehicles, as it has rental car and ground transportation services.

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Matamoros International Airport

Official operation hours: 8:00 to 20:00 pm.


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